Facebook password change step by step

Social networks provide fun, sometimes give rise to new loving relationships and exceptions can find true friends, communities of any game, saga or book are many ways to use these spaces positively but there are also risks if used in a manner inadequate, one of the most delicate things have to do with passwords. It is recommended to change passwords for your social networks at least once every three months, to avoid hackers from taking over your account with unpredictable results. Here are step by step, how to change the password of Facebook, the social network with more users and activity in the world.

1) The first is to log, once inside your account, you head to the inverted found in the upper right triangle, clicking a menu of options opens, choose and click on “Settings”.

It is recommended to change the password once every three months

2) Once in the new screen, we see first choice the word “General” and clicking several options on the right side open, among these options, we can read “Password” with a link at the bottom that says Edit .

3) Clicking “edit” will have access to direct change, one must first enter the current password, then the new, repeat the new password, accept and ready, we have changed the password and can be more relaxed about our account From Facebook.

Facebook password change step by step

Facebook password change step by step. Protect the most of your Facebook account with these indications of this post, you decide to do.