Facebook new update for business

Many people use the social network Facebook to share moments and experiences of their lives. You can stay in touch with friends and family for any recommendations or advice for any action. Facebook new update for business this will allow us to do many things from the social network either from your computer or mobile phone.

With these new options we will be able to decide where to go, what to do and connect with certain companies more easily. This new update will allow us to receive quotes, describe local events and Capitalize businesses near our town through Facebook.

Get Recommendations

When you want to leave home, find a suitable place to eat or a beauty salon for your personal care. Well you can go to your friends, family or groups of Facebook recommend for you. Currently it is developing a tool to expedite this process and receive recommendations all in one place.


Discover local events

Now the process of finding events near our location will be more accurate, this option has been improved since it was based on the activity with your friends on the events, and priority will be given to events that are most popular. This new option board events will be available by the time the United States in these next few weeks.


Interaction with local businesses on Facebook

This way you can make simple transactions through Facebook, you will save a lot of time when you want to go to a place.

  • Ordering food: It is now possible to order food in Facebook just have to go to their official website and click on “Start Order.”
  •  Get Quote: On some pages of Facebook can request an appointment Business clicking on the button that says “Send Request”.
  • Request an appointment: You can request an appointment for business as spa or beauty salons, you can also access the Facebook page to see slate and offers and services.
  •  Buy tickets to a movie or event: Now you can enjoy a movie it is very simple. Now you can do this operation through their Facebook pages through Fandango. They are looking for new partnerships to get tickets free or paid events.


These options are available in the United States, but then expand to other countries, certainly this is the beginning of a new era. These options will not make life easier, make good decisions and get in touch with businesses at the same time. Facebook new update for business find out here.

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