Facebook Messenger SMS new update

Facebook company always surprises us with every update that this time he had no better idea to implement SMS in the famous before its overnight courier Facebook Messenger. Why does Facebook decide to use SMS in your service? The answer is simple because Facebook want to increase the number of users and especially for those who can not access the service Facebook on their mobile phones.

How SMS works in Facebook Messenger?

Facebook Messenger SMS new update. In order to configure it properly you must select the configuration option Facebook Messenger and select “SMS” from the menu. Now you only need to activate the “default SMS app” option. Now later your Facebook chat appears in purple for SMS and blue for your Facebook contacts. This option is only for Android IOS device as it restricts access to the SMS in cell.

Facebook Messenger SMS new update

With the implementation of SMS in Facebook it makes communication with our acquaintances is more optimal and convenient. Facebook Messenger SMS new update. SMS not even die because Facebook decided to implement it in their service and reach more people.

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