Facebook Messenger enables three new tools for business

A large part of the users of the Facebook social network always looks for information or contact companies in order to make a query or purchase a product. Faced with this need, Facebook has decided to launch new features that facilitate customer and company communication, all through Facebook Messenger instant messages.

Among the most outstanding functions that will be taken into account are automatic messages, also the option of making appointments to clients directly from the Messenger application, finally the option of reducing time in business responses. Facebook Messenger enables three new tools for business, then we will further expand each of these options.

Facebook now allows you to request appointments from companies to businesses

Facebook Messenger enables new tools for business in 2019

The first option we mentioned before was announced at the Facebook F8 conference, earlier this year. Here they explained that it would be a “template” of the Facebook Manager of Ads. Through this template, companies can send automated messages, that is, each time a user clicks on one of their ads, automated questions will be displayed in order to define whether they are potential customers or not.

With this new automation system, you will be able to gather information from clients and potential clients, in the same way, create advertisements and notifications regarding their interests. A clear example of this is to send them notifications when a product they wanted is in stock again. This new tool will be useful for the more than 300,000 bots that exist in Facebook Messenger that are used to automate customer service communication processes.

The second option of Facebook Messenger for business is to mark appointments directly from the Messenger application from a system. This tool allows synchronizing the personal calendar of companies from the same application so that customers can request an appointment. Having this option active, every time they request an appointment, a check will be made if the business has synchronized its agenda, and an appointment requested by the client will be marked.

The third and last option of Facebook Messenger for business is aimed at the prompt response to any question. Before applying this option, many of us know that companies had a 24-hour time to answer any question, but in the worst case, they could also answer bypassing the estimated time. Well because of this, Facebook has decided to force the prompt response to business, completely eliminating the 24-hour extension period to respond.

Facebook Messenger enables three new tools for business, in conclusion, this option helps many users and customers, and similarly to companies. This helps a lot to the management of commercial traffic in social networks, but we can notice that Facebook seeks to commit companies more to take advantage of the time and better use the resources of their application.

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