Facebook Messenger already has the same number of user Whatsapp

Facebook Messenger began to be a standalone application since 2014 and since then was having a good acceptance by users around the world because it allows people to communicate in an original way through a floating bubble. Since its premiere until now Facebook Messenger already has the same number of user Whatsapp.

According to statistics it is found that a total 60.000 million messages are sent every day on Facebook and Whatsapp Mesenger. Is logged in Facebook Messenger has 10% of online voice calls worldwide and through this 17,000 million images are sent every month.


The application of Facebook Messenger has succeeded in becoming the messaging service that has 1,000 million times on Android devices, becoming the second most popular mobile application in Apple although no exact figures. Mark Zuckerberg is developing that Facebook Messenger allows interaction with companies and services through chat bots.

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