Facebook makes changes to your ads and reports because they show

While Facebook is known that allows users and companies to advertise on their platform, it has also been concerned to inform their users because they receive ads and can change the settings of the ads they want to receive. Mark Zuckerberg seeks to improve transparency and make things clearer. Facebook makes changes to your ads and reports because they show their users.

For Facebook, its users are important that is why it has introduced 2 additional changes in order to increase the trust with its users. With these changes, Facebook will inform you because it sees a specific ad and you can also have more information about the companies that request the data, such as email or telephone.

“Facebook makes new changes and explains how its ads work for its users”

Facebook makes new changes and explains how your ads work

What are the 2 changes that Facebook applies to your ads?

The first change is more focused on the option is already known as “Why do I see this ad?”, Because so far has only offered one or two more relevant reasons, such as demography or website visit.

Now with this update, Facebook will offer more detailed information such as interests and categories that match specific ads. In addition to the source of the information they use to show a certain ad, we now have the possibility to adjust advertising preferences to our comfort.

If we refer to the advertising preference, about the companies that obtain a list of user data. Here you will see a tab with two sections on the mentioned.

In the first section, you will be informed about the advertisers who obtain a list of user data and who used it for advertising purposes. Here you can see the data that advertisers used to show their advertising in the last seven days.

In the second section, you can find the companies that have uploaded your information and to whom it was shared. Here you can locate the route of your information both the company that uploaded the information and who was shared within 90 days that the ad is active.

Facebook makes changes to your ads and reports because they show. In this way, Facebook seeks to improve the relationship it has with its users by keeping it informed. Also, the way in which advertisements are manifested on Facebook and because they are displayed differently from other users.

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