Facebook Live, scheduled for transmissions pages verified

Since the launch of Facebook Live many people have started using this new format, to show your Facebook friends a piece of your everyday life and have direct contact with people. Facebook Live has been successful but this one can be improved more.

Currently many users have asked the company Facebook they can plan their live broadcasts so that people can anticipate and do not miss anything. It seems that their orders will come true as what Facebook executives are developing this week, will give the opportunity Facebook Live, scheduled for transmissions pages verified.


This live you can do through Facebook Live API, the verified page to activate this action should review their publishing tools. This live programming will allow people anticipate, it also will advise minutes before using a buzz. You can be in direct in the lobby before transmission starts.

How to make Facebook Live API streaming?


First you go option “Publishing Tools,” then you must click on the option that says “Video Library” is on the left side, then you click on “+ Live” to start.


Second credentials must copies or links shown in the picture, this will also can be placed in the message editing Video Library.


Third must add a striking description for users, transmission anticipating what you are going to do is.


Fourth must add the exact date and time that the transmission will, can put a custom image to draw attention of your followers. Before broadcast live on Facebook. Remember that this option Facebook Live, scheduled for transmissions pages verified.

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