Facebook launches Messenger Kids for children

Facebook is the medium where many people chat much of their time during their day, however, there are still people who seek to harm others by creating false accounts. Facebook looking for many alternatives to control this type of malicious actions, a product of that Facebook launches Messenger Kids for children with taking care of their integrity and not being a victim of any event.

Facebook launches Messenger Kids for children from 6 to 12 years old so they can interact with their friends. This application does not require registration by the minor, as this seems impossible because it is prohibited to use Facebook less than 13 years in the United States. Messenger Kids will be controlled by parents through their Facebook account, in this way, we can monitor their conversations and the list of contacts they contain.

Messenger Kids apk

How to access Messenger Kids

To start you must install the Messenger Kids application after that you must log in to Facebook by entering your login name and the corresponding password. Now it only remains to add a username for the minor and give him access. It is worth mentioning that the application is in test mode and is available in IOS only in the United States.

In Messenger Kids your children can chat with their friends and family, as well as share text, image, video to make video calls. It is also possible that they can send animated GIFs, stickers and funny masks in video calls, as well as tools to paint or edit images that are shared in the future.

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Messenger Kids will fight the bullying

As it refers to an application exclusively for children Facebook will implement express tools to combat bullying, adult content, racist acts and any act that is harmful to the application. Facebook launches Messenger Kids for children, we still do not know what Facebook intends with this new alternative, let’s just hope it is something positive for our children.

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