Facebook Gaming a space for video games and streaming

For many young people, Facebook is currently an old-fashioned social network, many of which, to the surprise of many, now Facebook allows Streaming through Facebook Gaming a space destined for video games. Facebook Gaming a space for video games and streaming now we will give you more details of this new tab that Facebook added.

Facebook Gaming is a new alternative for veteran players as for beginners because the benefit is that on Facebook you can have many viewers compared to other platforms. In addition, the transmissions are fluid and you can choose many options, if you are connected from the mobile device you can superimpose the Stream while browsing the feed.

“Facebook Gaming an exclusive space only for players”

Facebook Gaming video games and streaming

You can add a description and put it as highlighted in the comments section so that it draws attention to your viewers, in the same way, you can add links to follow you to your social networks (at the moment we do not know if this is legal, but many they do it)

You can also support Streaming for the purchase of stars, this basically makes your comment more attractive and you will be able to interact with the Streaming. Facebook now joins this great wave of video games competing with youtube and Twitch, hopefully, this is successful and do not change their policies and fall in the same as YouTube.

It is likely that Facebook thinks about transforming Facebook Gaming as a separate application to lighten the process of watching Streaming. This will be evaluated over time according to the positive comments you have for the users. Facebook Gaming a space for video games and streaming, the social network is taking advantage of its potential which is its number of registered users in the world. This new insurance option will attract the attention of younger users and children who enjoy video games.

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