Facebook Gaming statistics

Facebook’s streaming platform continues to grow with more people joining the larger community of streamers to stream live game videos. If you want to be part of this community, but you are not very sure, do not worry. Because after knowing the Facebook Gaming statistics you will be able to clear all those doubts that overwhelm you.

In this article we are going to review the statistics that encompass Facebook Gaming and, based on that, we will discover why it is so popular today. And without more to say, we are going to know a little more about the streaming platform of the most popular social network on the internet.

Number of users on Facebook Gaming

As is known, many people around the world connect to Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger on a daily basis. For this reason, with Facebook Gaming you have at your fingertips more than 2,700 million users who can be potential followers on your streaming account.

Currently there are more than 800 million users per month who enjoy games that are connected with Facebook. On the other hand, there are more than 90 million people who are part and are very active in gaming groups.

Game Marketing Statistics on Facebook Gaming

2020 was a very important year for the world of entertainment and video games, and thanks to this, Facebook Gaming has managed to establish itself as one of the best streaming platforms. Achieving incredible numbers in their audience statistics, for example:

  • United States: now 28% audience growth, and thanks to that, there are now more than 28 thousand new players.
  • United Kingdom: audience growth has reached 50% and more than 8.6 thousand players have connected.
  • South Korea: growth has been 34% and there are now 9.4 thousand new players streaming live on Facebook Gaming.
  • Germany: the audience increase has been 25% and now there are more than 6.5 thousand new players online.

In the other countries the growth has not been so great, but it has served to make the community of streamers on Facebook bigger. Now even Latin America continues to grow and will soon be able to position itself in the first places.

Streaming websites vs Facebook Gaming

Although, at first it was difficult for Facebook to compete with streaming platforms such as Twitch and YouTube. Now FB is a worthy opponent for these great platforms and, we do not say it, the numbers speak for themselves:

YouTube Gaming

It only managed to reach 1.7 billion hours of viewing from its streaming platform.


For its part, it successfully reached 4.7 billion in viewing from its streaming platform. A figure that is still higher than all streaming platforms, a figure that Facebook will be able to surpass very soon.

Facebook Gaming

While FG is the platform that has managed to have a greater impact. While its 1000 hours of viewing is not that great compared to its predecessors, the time it took to reach that figure was much less.

Scope of Facebook Gaming on electronic devices

Facebook Gaming has managed to satisfy each of the needs of content creators and, therefore, now many more people are encouraged to stream on Facebook. Achieving reach in different types of electronic devices


In the US alone it has managed to reach 42%, while in the UK a surprising 43%. On the other hand, in South Korea it exceeded 56% and in Germany 42%.

Mobile phones

Regarding mobile phones, the reach of the streaming platform reached 33% in the US, 29% in the UK, 52% in South Korea and 31% in Germany.

Video game console

Video game consoles have also had a great reach, with the United States being above the rest with 48%, then Germany with 47%, then the United Kingdom with 40% and finally Korea of the South with 39%.

And these are the Facebook Gaming statistics and, as you can see, the numbers speak for themselves and suggest that Facebook will sooner or later become the best streaming platform. Do not miss this opportunity and create a page so you can upload your own content. Come on, go for it!

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