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The most popular social network in the world offers you the opportunity to broadcast your games live so that other people can have fun with your videos. And if you have become a very popular user, you may be able to earn money with Facebook Gaming. If you want to know more about it, don’t go here and pay close attention to the following points.

How to make money with Facebook Gaming?

If you already have an account on the Facebook streaming platform, then you can already earn money with Facebook Gaming. Obviously you are not going to make money from your first live broadcast, it is a very slow process that will require your initiative and the desire you have.

In Facebook Gaming you can earn money in many ways, far apart from the stars of Facebook, you can also get donations from your followers or sponsors. Because the best way to win is with advertisements and that you should be very clear about.

Make money with donations on Facebook Gaming

If you don’t like the idea of sharing your earnings with Facebook, you have the option of opening a PayPal account to receive donations. Although it is a major effort for your followers to make a donation through PayPal, it is recommended that you assign a reward to users who send you donations.

Earn money with sponsor on Facebook Gaming

Another way to make money with Facebook is by looking for a brand that sponsors all your games of live video games. In this way you will have the opportunity to receive a stable income and not depend on donations or advertising.

If you want to earn money with a sponsor on Facebook Gaming, then you have to design a good presentation dossier in which you can collect statistics and data that will serve as your cover letter in front of the brands.

How much does Facebook Gaming pay to stream?

Facebook Gaming does not pay you a fixed salary for streaming video games or any other type of content. Facebook offers you the opportunity to upload content to its streaming platform and, depending on your popularity, you can accumulate stars and then convert it into real money.

How much is 100 stars worth on Facebook Gaming?

As we mentioned in the first section, you can earn money with the stars of Facebook. For every certain number of stars you can receive money, and precisely for each star you can get 0.01 USD. To give you an idea, this is what you can win:

  • 100 stars = $ 1.40
  • 795 stars equal $ 10 dollars
  • 4,465 stars equal $ 50 dollars
  • 9,525 stars are equal to $ 100

The more stars you accumulate, the more you can earn, so it all depends on you and the content you want to broadcast on Facebook.

Now it is possible to earn money with Facebook Gaming and all you have to do is become part of the Level Up community and broadcast your games on the Facebook streaming platform. What are you waiting for? You too can become a true streamer, but if you need more information on this website you can find the help you need.

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