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Facebook went from being one of the best social networks, to becoming the best online platform for people like you to become true streamers. Therefore, if you still do not know how to create a page on Facebook Gaming, do not worry because you are in the right place and, here you will find all the help you need.

The first step for you to broadcast your games is creating a content page on the Facebook streaming platform. This time we are going to learn about each of the guidelines that must be followed to have a page, but in addition to that, you will learn other things that will help you make the most of Facebook Gaming.

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How to create Facebook Gaming create page step by step

Facebook, in recent months, has managed to expand its horizons to become the best platform for streaming games. Now we can find hundreds of people broadcasting live on Facebook Gaming and, many of them have made the big leap and now have the opportunity to earn money doing what they like the most.

If you do not want to be left behind and want to become a very popular streamer, we recommend that today you proceed to create a content page on Facebook Gaming. To create a page you just have to follow these instructions:

Step One: Register with Facebook

  • To begin it is important that you register, that is, you need an account so that you can log into Facebook Gaming. You can use the following link so you can create an account:  https://www.facebook.com/.
  • Once you have an account you have to log in with the access data and that’s it.

Step Two: Create a Page

  • Now we are going to create the Facebook page, for this, you will have to enter the following link: https://fb.gg/pages/create.
  • In the next window you will add a name for the new page.
  • Select the “Game Video Maker” category.
  • Finish by clicking “Continue”.

Third step: Edit your profile

  • Once you have created a page you have to edit the profile of, that is, you will have to upload an image and make a description.
  • Now you can upload all the content you want on your new Facebook Gaming page.

Users who have a Game Video Maker page are selected and saved for viewers on FB.GG. Now your page and your feed will have the following extension in the url: FB.gg/ [The name of your page].

Upload profile picture of Facebook page Gaming

Uploading a photo on the profile of the Facebook Gaming page is very important, because in this way your followers will be able to recognize you no matter where you are. And for it to be a good image it has to meet these requirements:

  • The image has to measure 180 x 180.
  • Image referring to the type of content that you are going to transmit on Facebook Gaming.
  • Instead of using a personal photo, it is recommended to use a logo for the page.

Do not forget that the logo has to be striking and original, you can create it yourself or you can use those pages that help you create logos in a few simple steps.

Upload profile cover of Facebook Gaming page

Regarding the background image for Facebook Gaming, the user must also consider some details to add the ideal image to the page. This image you have to meet some basic requirements, such as the following:

  • The image must be 640 x 360 size.
  • To have a centered image the size must be 560 x 315.
  • The image must be 100% original and with a water frame.

For the image it is recommended to use one that refers to the content that will be used on the Facebook page. You can even use an image that is similar to the profile image, but adding your social networks so that your followers can interact with you.

How to convert a Facebook page to a game video maker page?

As we mentioned earlier, the first step to streaming games on Facebook is creating a content page. In case you already have a page, you have the option of turning it into a page for Facebook Gaming and, for this, you must do the following:

  1. Go to your Facebook page.
  2. Click on the three dots, it is located on the right where it says “Share.”
  3. Now select the option “Edit page information” and then “Game Video Maker”.
  4. In the General tab you have to go to the “Categories” section and select “Game Video Creator”.
  5. Finish by clicking on “Save changes”

And following each of the indications that we have mentioned in this post we can create a page on Facebook Gaming. As you may have noticed, creating a page is not that complicated, the difficult thing is to configure and edit the page, but we will talk about that in another article. If you already have a content page, then today you can start streaming your favorite game videos. What are you waiting for? You have everything you need to become a popular streamer.

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