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You may not know it, but problems with copyright are the origin of the most recurrent sanctions on the Facebook streaming platform. Therefore, in this article we are going to study and analyze in depth everything related to Facebook Gaming copyright. It is a very important issue, and for this reason, we recommend that you pay as much attention as possible.

copyright facebook gaming

What is Facebook Gaming copyright and its risks

Copyright on Facebook Gaming is a policy that the platform uses to remove any type of copyrighted content, be it VoD, Clips or other material that plays music. Those who break the rules can have between one to two strikes (warnings), for the third there is the risk of the following:

  • Block the Facebook account.
  • Not being able to publish or upload any type of content.
  • Fines and legal sanctions.

The objective of uploading non-copyrighted content to a Facebook Gaming account is to ensure compliance with the Copyright Law and so that the Facebook gaming video platform is not subject to scrutiny.

What music does Facebook Gaming allow for streaming?

From the Facebook Gaming platform you can reproduce or upload content that does not have copyright. If you do a live broadcast, you don’t have to play copyrighted or company-owned music.

Where can I get music for Facebook Gaming?

There are many channels on YouTube that allow you to get music for Facebook Gaming, without copyright and totally free. There are also sites where you can find hundreds of tracks to play on the streaming platform, for example:

  • Epidemic sound
  • Jingle Punks on Streamlabs Prime
  • Pretzel rocks

Keep in mind that buying music from Spotify does not guarantee that the song is not copyrighted. We recommend not playing Spotify songs while streaming your favorite games on Facebook.

Tricks to avoid Facebook Gaming copyright

If you want to become a true Facebook Gaming streamer, you have to be very careful about the content you upload to your page while streaming. A small oversight can lead to your account being sanctioned or canceled.

Therefore, if you want to avoid music copyright on Facebook Gaming, we recommend that you take the following tricks into account:

  • Inform yourself of the content that you are going to share, avoid those that have copyright.
  • Remove all content that may violate policies, as streaming is a category that is not very clear in the DMCA.
  • Have a backup plan against an unexpected event, that is, if your cell phone sounds with a song with copyright in full transmission, you must have a button that automatically pauses everything.
  • Find songs for Facebook that have copyright permission.

And this is all you need to know about Facebook Gaming copyright, now you have all the information that will help you avoid sanctions or penalties when broadcasting live on Facebook. So make the most of each of the tricks that we have mentioned and share your favorite game videos without fear of anything.

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