Facebook emoticon “Love” replaces “Like”

Since the arrival of the New Facebook emoticons in this 2016 it has lowered the intensity of the users to use the “Like” option. As we know the implementation of the new emoticons for Facebook allows users to express themselves more accurately on a particular subject.

Facebook emoticon Love

The emote “Love” has become very popular in Instagram, in this case Facebook wants to follow the steps and go is having positive results. Facebook users use more often emote “Love” in publications that are romantic either images or videos.

emoticon love

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg introduced Love, Wow, Jaja, Sad and Angry emoticons. Explaining that everything that is published in Facebook should necessarily be happy, so you can express your discomfort about any publication.

Facebook emoticón “Love” replaces “like” Facebook users prefer to use the emoticon “Love” to show something deeper.

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