Facebook decides to delete the stories of the groups

Facebook is going through certain very recurrent changes because it wants to improve the experience of its users on the platform. We have all witnessed the new minimalist design of Facebook for mobile devices, as it seems that it will not be the only change that Mark Zuckerberg’s company will make. Facebook decides to delete the stories of the groups are changes that social network saw necessary to make for different factors.

Curious this new change of Facebook because this new function launched last year. How quickly did they repent? We will detail that more thoroughly but first, we must go back to its appearance. This function began to be considered in the year of 2017, seeing that it was a good idea its launch was finalized in 2018. Stories for groups Facebook gives the possibility to group members to upload a story (images or video) only for members of the group.

“The stories in Facebook groups have not been well received by users so it has been decided to remove them”

It is important to mention that this option will only be available if administrators see fit. Only administrators can decide whether to enable the option or not, users understand very well how to use Facebook stories. But everything seems that this option has not had the expected results and its possible disappearance would be being evaluated.

It’s been official since September 26, stories in Facebook groups will disappear. We still don’t know if this option will go unnoticed or will be missed by users. But don’t worry because you can create stories from your personal profile. Facebook decides to delete the stories of the groups, we can only accept this new measure that the social network is taking.

Facebook is doing studies to make its decisions in the options of the groups, remember that a few months ago also eliminated the possibility of creating chat within the groups, also recently the issue of the security classification of groups. Everything turns out that the changes have been involved in Facebook groups, we can only hope that more modifications receive this option.

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