Facebook decides to close Onavo so as not to monitor its users

Onavo is a Facebook app whose main function is to protect users by those malicious applications in the background that only seek to take over your personal information. This application acts as a VPN (virtual private network) to be used as a secure network to protect your data. Facebook decides to close Onavo so as not to monitor its users is the theme that has got us together today.

Onavo also works as part of Facebook’s network research project to be able to apply more accurate functions in the future. This app is responsible for collecting information where you can get information such as time, devices used, type of network and which web pages visited. The types of network used for each application, all the information mentioned is collected without the user receiving any reward.

“Facebook decides to use paid programs to obtain information from its users”

Facebook decides to close the Onavo app

The recent scandals of Facebook on the massive disclosure of information have decided to close Onavo and other programs that are dedicated to the collection of data and market research. We still do not know what method Facebook will use in the future to do their global studies with respect to youth and the use of adolescents.

Onavo due to these measures will no longer be dedicated to collecting user information, for the moment it will only continue to function as a VPN, but only for a set time only to give people time to look for new alternatives.
During the operation of Facebook, Onavo has become the main tool for study and data collection. Onavo had the ability to report that twice as many messages were sent on WhatsApp as on Messenger, this is why Facebook bought WhatsApp for 19,000 million dollars.

Facebook decides to close Onavo so as not to monitor its users, but this does not mean that Facebook will stop studying the behavior of its users, because this type of studies is done in all conventional companies. But this time you will be more careful about how you get the information and inform your users that it is done with your data with the help of paid programs.

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