Facebook Dating to find a partner is now a reality

Many users have been in expectation of this service because now it is a reality Facebook Dating is now official and came to stay. Here you will be able to find a partner in the most used social network in the world.

This new feature was presented on the main Facebook blog and they point it out as an alternative to meet people according to their interests, events, and groups. Everything should be noted that it will not be necessary to create an appointment profile since everything required will already be incorporated into your personal Facebook profile. Facebook Dating to find a partner is now a reality let’s explore this feature further.

“You can use Facebook Dating independently, quite apart from your main Facebook account.”

Facebook Dating

From this moment on, it is available in the United States, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Canada, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Laos, Malaysia, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, the Philippines, Singapore, Suriname, Thailand, Uruguay, and Vietnam. It will arrive in Europe at the beginning of 2020.

Facebook Dating gives us the ability to integrate our Instagram posts to our Facebook dating account automatically. In the same way, it allows us to add our Instagram followers to the Secret Crush lists, if you want to add friends it will also be possible. They also announced that at the end of the year we can upload stories for both Facebook, Instagram and our dating profile.

Facebook Dating free

This new alternative focuses mainly on Appointments in order to be safe and inclusive. The improvements that this service has is that we can inform you as well as block any contact. We can be able to filter in case we do not want to receive photos, links, payments or videos.

We have the possibility of creating an appointment profile independently, very apart from our personal Facebook profile. This helps a lot when we want to receive profile suggestions according to our preference, interest and personal tastes.


How does Facebook Dating work?

To be able to use it, we must only locate a contact of our preference, we comment and click on the “Like” button to notify you. Here you can pair with friends of friends and people who do not belong in your circle of friends, in order not to interact with our friends.

There is also the Secret Crush option to match you with your best friends, a very interesting option for that love that exists between friends. It is a good alternative to take the first step. Here you have the possibility to select up to nine Facebook friends or Instagram followers that you like.


In this way, the other contact if you have Facebook Dating will receive a notification saying: Someone is in love with you, this way they will be added to Secret Crush, they can talk and love reign. Facebook Dating to find a partner is now a reality.

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