Facebook closes the LOL project the app designed for young people

It seems that the LOL project could not be completed, this application to create memes for young people we learned two weeks ago that the project was about to be finished, but according to a study it was decided to cancel the project.

Facebook is your intention to entertain your younger audience to put this project on its feet. Creating a channel adapted to the language and needs that young people use today. However, this project was left aside. Facebook closes the LOL project the app designed for young people, now we will tell you why.

“The LOL project was closed, for a test that was done with 100 beta users”

Facebook closes the LOL project

LOL has not fulfilled the expectations that Facebook has wanted, because before the decision was made, a test was made with 100 beta users, a more primitive version was granted to secondary users (Facebook in its beginnings). The results were not good and that is why Facebook closes the LOL project the app designed for young people.

This decision will remain in one of the Facebook projects that did not come to light, this application started its creation in 2016 and was made up of 100 employees who are dedicated to creating, imagining and developing products specifically for the younger audience.

Facebook LOL dislike

Apparently, the staff responsible for the LOL project was notified weeks before this project was not going to leave, that is why all were assigned to the Messenger Kids project, the messaging application for children. With this, we see that it wants priority to children under 13 years old.

In addition to Messenger Kids, the youth project will continue to be developed, but we do not know who is involved, because Facebook has not communicated this to anyone. Due to this failure, Facebook is desperate to get the attention of the younger audience and wants to develop something more attractive and attractive for teenagers. Instagram or Snapchat so far are the social networks that people prefer and spend more time.

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