Facebook can no longer use these mobile devices.

Facebook is communication service used by millions of users around the world, this time Facebook gives a blow to the Blackberry because only people can no longer use the Facebook application. No doubt these affects people who use this service through a mobile backberry, now if you want to see your Facebook notifications must do it from the browser. Facebook can no longer use these mobile devices, I hope that the company’s Facebook change his mind.


Backberry company has commented on this issue: “We’ve tried to work with Facebook and Whatsapp to change his mind, but do not want to budge.” It seems it’s official or not no turning back, as a last resort the hashtag # ILoveBB10Apps was created to allow users to express themselves and so Mark Zuckerberg change his mind.

WhatsApp also passes through the same problem

WhatsApp application is no longer available for BlackBerry 10, Nokia S40, Nokia Symbian S60, Android 2.1 and Windows Phone 7. With these modifications the company seeks to focus with mobile using the service more frequently and thus ensure progress and the future of the capabilities of the WhatsApp application.


Facebook can no longer use these mobile devices, bad news for BlackBerry users seems that the decision is taken, just hope that happens later.

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