Facebook Bank can already operate in Spain.

The most recognized service of Mark Zuckerberg may already be in operation with this name Facebook Payments International Limited because on 30 December this was assigned by the Official Register of entities of the Bank of Spain.

Facebook is in search of new venues and licenses of operations of the other countries. At the moment it has obtained the headquarters of Duplin and license by the Central Bank of Ireland during the month of October and especially obtain permits with national entities to become entity of electronic money.

This will allow people to make all types of payments or money transfers through the Facebook Messenger application, as has been done in the United States for more than a year and a half. This can be logged once the application is updated and added this new function. Facebook Bank can already operate in Spain, make all kinds of operation from the application itself.

Facebook Payments International Limited, in this bank you can do the following operations: issue, distribute and reimburse electronic money. You can also issue and purchase payment instruments, the most interesting thing is that you can make funds transfers from the comfort of your mobile device.

“The license allows us to make charitable donations on Facebook or simply make payments from person to person in Spain, or as is already done in the United States.” In order to use this service we have to link it with our VISA or Mastercard debit card. This will give you a PIN code that will be used for your operations. If you have an IOS system you can link it using a fingerprint, the same one you use to unlock your phone.

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