Facebook announces bracelet prototype for the virtual world

This great announcement was unveiled at the celebration of Word Haptics Conference 2019 that was organized in the city of Tokyo in July, the team in charge of the said announcement are yes researchers of the Facebook Reality Labs, also with the support of a student of Rice University. Facebook announces bracelet prototype for the virtual world that aims to improve the experience of virtual and augmented reality.

How would these bracelets work? Its main function is to improve your gaming experience and make everything more real. It is necessary to have two bracelets on both wrists to have a sensation individually and get closer tactile expertise. The important thing is that they are lightweight and easy to put on and adapt to our wrist.

“Tasbi bracelet for a good tactile sensation in the virtual world”

Facebook announces tactile bracelet for virtual reality

This bracelet is called Tasbi name and seeks to improve our experience in the virtual world. As indicated by UploadVR these bracelets apply in their function to be in vibration and comprehensions to perfectly imitate tactile experiences in the virtual world. Every time we interact with objects these sensations or vibrations will adapt to what we do in the virtual world with precision.

Tasbi intends to fill that void that existed in virtual reality games, now with these bracelets the sensations and manipulate things will be more realistic. Now you can feel much better when you press a button, perform a certain action or lift any object. This new experience in the virtual world will be more realistic thanks to the tactile sanction that Tasbi offers us,

At the moment Tasbi is just a prototype that will be a new option for already existing touch controllers. It should be mentioned that this device would not have tracking functions of hands and fingers. This would be controlled by computer vision software directly from the virtual reality headset cameras.

Facebook announces bracelet prototype for the virtual world, the social network will keep us always updated on any novelty of this bracelet. At the moment we can only wait a few weeks until it is available to everyone.

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