Facebook and the new privacy settings in groups

The Facebook company has announced the new configurations that groups will have from now on. Everything revolves around the classification and security that exist in these groups, whether public or private. Facebook groups are intended to bring together a specific group of users with a common interest.

Facebook and the new privacy settings in groups to avoid any confusion, more specific terms will be used. The creation of groups in public, closed or secret way is left behind. The options will not be lost only if Facebook creates more feasible options that users are more comfortable with.

“Facebook implements a new configuration in the groups”

Facebook and the new privacy settings in groups

With this new configuration, you can only create two types of groups: public or private. In the first option, everything stays the same, in the private option there are two alternatives: hidden (known as a secret group) or visible (known as a closed group).

Knowing these concepts mentioned, if you had a hidden group this will not be in the search results of Facebook, in case of closed if they will be available in the search engine but will need the approval of an administrator.

This new configuration does not change the functioning of the groups and the visibility of their content. Well, as you know, public groups will continue to be available to everyone and private parties will need a special invitation from the administrator.

Facebook and the new privacy settings in groups

In order not to create any confusion among the administrators of the groups, Facebook is in charge of providing resources and tutorials so that they can adapt to this new configuration. The social network together with this update will apply many series of filters to improve the security of these groups, whether public or private. To make this possible, artificial intelligence and content analysts will be needed.

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