Facebook adds a new button “Why am I seeing this?”

Transparency is something that Facebook has struggled to have for the recent scandals of fake news and vulnerability of its users’ data. This time the social network seeks to be more transparent, Facebook adds a new button “Why am I seeing this?” It gives us information because a user is well an ad in particular.

Currently, this button allows us to see which brand is paid for the ad. The company has noticed that some biographical data and that these have remained with the user’s data. Everything mentioned before does not serve to verify that an advertisement is not being shown randomly.

“Facebook wants to inform its users the reasons why the ads are shown in their feed, to increase their transparency”

Facebook adds  "Why am I seeing this?" new button

This update will allow the advertiser to add new information because it has included a user within your demographic target mentioned above. It can also be seen when a user’s contact information was acquired. If it was acquired by the brand, agency or computer case. The date is also important when the exchange between the company and the advertiser took place.

Facebook is making a great effort to improve its reputation, but without a doubt, this is a work that dedicates a lot of effort. Now Facebook is more aware of how advertisers obtain user data and how they are used. Advertisers should now be more specific when they’re highlighting a campaign and breaking down the data they use more deeply.

Facebook adds a new button “Why am I seeing this?” It is a new challenge that the social network must face. So that the importing factor is equal for both the user and the advertiser.

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