Facebook adds interactive stickers in the Stories for companies

The Stories on Facebook are the latest news that currently exists, now Facebook adds interactive stickers in the Stories for companies to get more users to use this option as often. Instagram is the main social network that leads when Stories is concerned as a large volume of users use it compared to Facebook.

This latest update allows Facebook pages to have more direct contact with users because they have implemented call-to-action stickers. These new buttons can also be found on the home page of your business page. In Messenger for mobile devices, it is evident how the Stories have stood out due to their increase in size.

“The Call to Action Stories for the business page is here”

Facebook adds interactive stickers in the Stories

Facebook adds interactive stickers in the Stories for companies, the call to action buttons are the following: buy, reserve, call, and business address this allows users to be able to do certain action immediately and at the same time greatly enhances marketing digital for companies that offer a service to society.

This type of buttons would have been more successful on Instagram because it is the social network where most of its users use it more often. In addition, Instagram is more linked in the sector of Internet sales and fashion. But we will see how this option grows with the passage of time.

Facebook is trying to make Stories just as popular on its platform, according to a statistical study by the Facebook and Messenger company. In September the users who use the Stories of Facebook are 300 million. In the case of Instagram, they are equivalent to 400 million users using the Stories.

All very well with the implementation of Stories to Facebook, however, the acceptance of part of its users is a bit slow. Currently Facebook has a total of 3.500 million users but only 300 million only use the Stories, that is to say only 10%. Instagram is the leading social network in the Stories because they are used by 40% of all its users.

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