Do not miss the Rio 2016 Olympic Games on Facebook

Rio 2016 Olympic Games are one of the most important in the field of sport, which brings together many people around the world who follow their athletes from their country of origin events. These games is an uphill struggle to get the most precious, coveted and valuable gold.

Social networks will become a space for interaction and opinion of the spectators who follow the Olympics from home. All Facebook users will feel very closely the spirit of the Olympic Games as new tools for better experience this fabulous event were implemented.

Facebook transmits the Rio 2016 Olympic Games

Facebook transmits the Rio 2016 Olympic Games

Since it is a major event, Facebook has prepared the best strategies for its users any details and curiosity of each Olympic sport is not lost. Facebook makes you feel like you live in the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

Facebook broadcast live all Rio 2016 Olympic Games through @juegosolimpicos account in this space have access to all the videos of each discipline in addition to the interviews of the most recognized athletes in this season, all this is possible thanks to agreement with NBC. Live broadcasts will be made by “Facebook Live” in this way users will be hooked on Facebook.

Do not miss the Rio 2016 Olympic Games on Facebook, thanks to the agreement of the NBC now this is possible. Facebook Live will be the means to transmit this event.

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