They discover hidden messages of Facebook in Oculus controllers

Something very strange is happening in the world of technology because strange messages have leaked. It is rare that this type of data is filtered, but when software is developed, this type of problem is usually committed without intention. They discover hidden messages of Facebook in Oculus controllers, there are thousands of messages that have leaked now we will mention the most relevant.

These messages are strange and it is still unknown who caused it, in the Oculus controller you can see messages like: “Big Brother is Watching”, “The Masons Were Here” and “This Space For Rent”. All this event has surprised the new owners of Oculus controllers, and they are analyzing if it is a joke or if it is a security problem on Facebook’s part.

“Hidden Messages from Facebook in Oculus Another Controversy”

discover hidden messages Facebook Oculus controllers

The co-founder of Oculus gave a public statement of everything that happened, he pointed out that these situations of the messages are simply “easter egg” thought for the prototypes, by accident these messages were extended to the hardware of the controllers. Everything is commotion is having a lot of turmoil in what technology is concerned.

They discover hidden messages of Facebook in Oculus controllers, but it is important to mention that this problem is a production issue and does not represent any security threat, where the product is not compromised. To be more specific, the affected controllers have been Oculus Quest and Rift S, but none of the users has been affected because it has not yet hit the market.

Facebook after discovering this type of problems, has wanted to show transparency. Thanks to a spokesperson Facebook to echo I publish this problem to the community in order to keep it informed and to solve it as short as possible, although it is possible that no user can see this type of messages caused by this error.

discover hidden messages facebook oculus

However, Facebook is trying to remedy all this problem so that it does not become one more on the list. In recent years Facebook has shown us many scandals already known to all, as security problems and personal data exposed.

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