Create Facebook from a phone

Do you want to be part of the family on Facebook? Now you can register to Facebook from your mobile phone, you just have to be aware of the steps that will take place right now. To Create Facebook from a phone you must have installed the Facebook app, if you do not have it you can install by clicking here and you click on “Install”. If you are interested you can also visit this section “log in with Facebook” where you will learn all the ways to access your newly created Facebook account.

Create Facebook from a phone

You open the Facebook application and select where it says “Create New Facebook Account”, an image appears showing you all use policies Facebook service if you are agree you press “Next”.

Create Facebook from a phone

Now you must enter your full name respectively (real names) when you have finished you select “Next”. Now you must choose your country and in the space below put your cell phone number and you press again on “Next”. You can place an email by selecting “Sign Up With Email Address” if you do not want put your mobile phone number.

Create Facebook from a phone now

In this step, you must correctly indicate your date of birth (Facebook warn all your friends who this birthday and they can leave a message on your Facebook profile) and you click on “Next”. You continue with the registration process by selecting your gender Facebook whether you are male or female, you click again on “Next” to continue.

Create Facebook

For security of your account, you must create a password that must contain Pussycat eight digits by adding number and capitalization for safety, continuous clicking on “Next”. Now you have to upload a photo to your Facebook profile you can do where ways “Take a Photo” (by taking a snapshot from your camera phone) and “Choose From Gallery” (where you can place an image you have in your gallery pictures of your phone).

Create Facebook from a phone 2

Facebook friends take care to get you through your phone, it must select the “Get Started”. Here is a list of people you may know appears, you begin to add the people you want. To complete the registration process Facebook you on the green button that says “Continue”.

New Create Facebook from a phone

We are in the account confirmation, you got a confirmation code to your phone via a text message. You must enter the code in the blank space where it belongs once done this should you click on the blue button “Confirm” and ready that would be it.

confirm account Facebook

Now you can enjoy the Facebook service whenever you want wherever you are. Create Facebook from a phone, it is a very simple process that you can do it effortlessly, upgrade and chat with your friends on Facebook.