Consequences of making my relationship public on Facebook

It is to suppose that after so much time in solitude, finally you know somebody and you want to shout it to the four winds. Facebook is a network, which lends itself a lot to express the feelings and emotions that welcome us, nevertheless one must be careful.

Before announcing your relationship on Facebook we recommend reading this article of the Consequences of making my relationship public on Facebook. Think before doing this action, it is better to take care of your relationship and not show more than the account.

Why should not I publish your relationship on Facebook?

There are some reasons why it is not possible to publish love relationships on Facebook; Among them we have:

  • You have to go slowly; If you met that boy recently, you must be careful not to publish your sentimental relationship so quickly; Expect to get to know yourself more and have a little more time together.
  • You devalue your relationship; Publishing about your relationship, leads you to diminish it before people; It is better to keep it a secret.
  • You can provoke envy; Is to know that envy is everywhere, and that being taking photos and upload them to Facebook with the love of your life embraces is not a good idea, Since the negative energies can damage you and you move away of the drawn objectives.
  • It is often tedious; It is cloying to be publishing everything about your partner, your partner’s photos. You may at first get a lot of likes but over time they will decrease until you make no impression.
  • You turn your partner into an object of desire; Is so much what you show in pubic that everyone wants with your man, and above all you imply that it is too good to be left with you all your life.
  • Your love relationship does not need the approval of a virtual community; One of the things that we must be clear is that the best moments of our lives have to be confidential, the only like that is approved is the one of the two; Because they are the only ones who know the value they have in that relationship.

There are many Consequences of making my relationship public on Facebook, so it is recommended not to exceed comments and photo publications; Since in fact Facebook can be a time bomb on those issues, which are delicate.

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