Clear browsing data in Facecook is now possible

Facebook these days announced the possibility of a feature highly anticipated by users, it is now a reality to be able to erase all kinds of information from applications or websites outside the social network.

It is no news that Facebook is the leading social network on the Internet, a clear example is the number of registered users who estimate 2400 million. All this large amount has allowed to better target the ads hired by the companies.

“On Facebook, you can unlink applications from our account and delete browsing history”

Clear browsing data and app Facecook

Clear browsing data in Facebook is now possible, this new function is called “Off-Facebook activity”, when you activate the option you will see a series of applications and website that are linked to your personal Facebook account, here you will have the option to Disconnect applications and delete browsing activity.

The launch of this new function has taken more than a year since its announcement, however that does not take away from Facebook’s merit of doing things well and protecting the data of its users. This new function could detail us more about the data of the users collected from the websites.

This new feature is currently available for a small group in Ireland, South Korea, and Spain as of Tuesday. On the other hand, the company did not want to give details on when it was launched in the United States, once everything is consolidated, it will be available worldwide for all iPhone, Android operating systems and computers.

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook announced this tool in May 218 before the speech of the company’s F8 conference. Clear browsing data on Facebook is now possible is available for some countries and will soon be available worldwide.

How to activate the option of “Off-Facebook activity”?

To activate this option you must click on the “Settings” option of your Facebook profile, then on the “Activity outside Facebook” option. Inside you can delete the browser history and unlink certain applications that are in your account. In this way protect your account from certain malicious applications that only seek to collect your information.

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