I contact Facebook

facebook contact us

Currently there are many reasons to contact Facebook, whether our own is in danger or that a hacker has taken control of this. To the chagrin of many it is impossible to talk to a real person of the company Facebook to help us, because the social network has developed …

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How Facebook Campaigns work


Facebook is a popular social network that provides many benefits to individuals and businesses. Facebook campaigns allow companies or small businesses become more known and can reach people. Facebook is a powerful tool when it comes to advertising because it has millions of users staying in it. Facebook Campaigns, how …

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Share Video Facebook to Whatsapp

Send video to a friend Facebook WhatsApp

Facebook is a platform where people share videos infinities whether commercial, humorous, romantic or controversial. Because often there are videos we like a lot and want to share with our friends, but the problem is that most of our friends are in Whatsapp. How I can Share Video Facebook to …

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They entered my Facebook to do


It is true that Facebook can meet many people and make friends, but also run the risk that other people want to violate your Facebook account to access your personal data and content. So now we’ll show you must do to have your account safer and know where they are …

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Facebook password change step by step

how to change the password of Facebook

Social networks provide fun, sometimes give rise to new loving relationships and exceptions can find true friends, communities of any game, saga or book are many ways to use these spaces positively but there are also risks if used in a manner inadequate, one of the most delicate things have …

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