I want to delete my Facebook account definitely

Delete Facebook account definitely

Facebook is a very large social network but not everything is positive because there are great points that we must take into account. Facebook is a very distracting social network and at the same time, it is a medium that generates personal problems. I want to delete my Facebook account …

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How to silence the Stories on Facebook

silence the Stories on Facebook

Facebook has already implemented the Stories on its platform and it is usually interesting if we want to see the events of our closest friends, but what happens is that you find unpleasant Stories of some of our contacts, pages or Facebook groups and you do not know how to …

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Tips for security on Facebook

security on Facebook

You may have heard that the security that Facebook offers about our information that we keep inside it is not completely safe and that we are exposed to other people who can use them. For this reason, it is important to keep informed of the constant changes made by this …

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How to transmit live on Facebook?

transmit live Facebook

Facebook is a social network that is reinvented every day and seeks to make its users spend more time on the platform. It is true that the creation of Facebook pages and groups have been very popular, but this time it seeks to surprise us. The live broadcast is already …

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How to update my Facebook Stories?

pdate my Facebook Stories

Facebook is a platform that has a lot of potentials, but many of the applications that the Play Store application are inspired by others. Facebook noticed in time the success of Instagram Stories and also added this option in its official application. You can use the Facebook Stories from the …

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Tricks to grow your business on Facebook

To embark on facebook

The evolution of social networks has been incredible because it is now considered a power to promote our business, service or product. If your business is not performing as expected, do not worry maybe you need to update a little with these tricks very easy to apply. “Digital Marketing” allows …

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How to find love on Facebook

Facebook is a platform where many people can interact with each other because you have the possibility to talk with people you have not seen for a long time. Maybe you can chat with that first love of children and have the possibility to have an appointment, this platform is …

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