Facebook tests the dark mode in Messenger

dark mode messenger

Messenger the independent fast messaging application of Facebook because it seems that in the month of October I had a change in its design but it kept the same colors that we have used blue, white and gray. But it seems that this will change for our good because Facebook …

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Facebook will allow putting songs in the Stories

Music on the Facebook Stories

Facebook little by little is implementing the options that already have Instagram because now this social network has decided to apply music in the Stories of Facebook. The operation of these will be the same as what we are used to Instagram. Facebook will allow you to put songs in …

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3D effects arrive in your Facebook photos

3D effects in Facebook photos

Facebook wants to venture into 3D and apply it to their social network, this function will only be supported for mobile phones, they have the option of taking pictures in three dimensions, but these effects can also be used by other users. Facebook will allow uploading photographs in 3D, but …

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News from Facebook for 2019

Facebook update for 2019

Facebook, by extension Instagram, are in an unprecedented evolution, it is normal that these applications are updated every so often. Although one social network copies some options of the other, both have a certain audience. Facebook a space to chat and advertising, on the other hand, Instagram a social network …

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Actions of Facebook if a news fake or not

On Facebook, we are surrounded by a lot of news from very important Facebook pages, but are you telling us the truth? Facebook has decided to take actions of Facebook if a news fake or not because many of this news leave us in an uncertainty and confuse us. Facebook …

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