Become an emoticon Facebook

Facebook continues to innovate with new features like the title says now you can be part of Facebook emoticons. For this service it will be available soon, but will definitely be a unique and fun experience. Become an emoticon Facebook and make your conversations more fun.

Become an emoticon Facebook

Your face will be an emoticon Facebook

According to CNBC portal indicates that each time the user type “:)” the system automatically recognize it as happy face, once the Facebook emoticon replaces it with a photograph of the user detected. Of course it should be an image that has similarity to emote.

As extra information seems that Facebook has integrated different images to use, because this way it is shown that Facebook has an artificial intelligence software to recognize faces and make this service possible.

Become an emoticon Facebook, this option will soon be available as sources of CNBC. Thus using Facebook will be more fun.

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