Ads to make direct purchase come to Facebook

Facebook is testing the implementation of two new ads for Facebook and Instagram. The purpose of these new ads is to simplify the purchase process, this and much more awaits us with this new ad alternative. Ads to make a direct purchase come to Facebook very soon to arrive for the most important social network in the world.

Ads to make a purchase on Facebook: This first type of ad will be displayed dynamically in the feed of our Facebook account. This particular announcement will have an integrated payment system inside, with the purpose that the user cannot go to another website to make the purchase.

“The user can now make direct purchases on Facebook without leaving the social network”

Ads to make direct purchase come to Facebook

These ads are designed to show products according to the interests of the users, this will determine it according to the websites, application or other that you explore. If the user is interested in any product, they can access a product catalog and buy it from the News Feed without leaving the social network.

To make the purchase correctly, the user must have previously included a payment method. Then click on “Place Order” and enter all the information required to place the order, address, shipping method, promotional code (option). You can also find out the amount of the order but all from the same social network. When the purchase is finished Facebook will issue a confirmation message of the purchase.

We still do not know if users will be interested in making purchases on the social network, as the social network has been involved in many information filtering scandals. Who would be willing to add your credit card to Facebook? Given this refusal to announce that it has a sophisticated security technology to protect the payment processes that are made on Facebook.

Ads to make direct purchase come to Facebook

They also emphasized that they have a team specialized in anti-fraud and problem solving that may occur. All this also gives space to the emergence of the Libra cryptocurrency and its possible tests in purchases within Facebook, but nothing has yet been confirmed.

Organic purchase publications in Instagram ads: This second option is to convert organic purchase publications into Instagram ads, that is, companies can create ads for their target audience and at the same time you can display their products on Instagram, all from the Facebook Ad Management panel in a practical and simple way, all from an organic publication.

Ads to make a direct purchase come to Facebook, all this operation just click on the announcement of your interests and in a moment you will be redirected to the product description and you can make the purchase from the company’s mobile site. Instagram is still testing for this new method of purchase but nothing is confirmed yet.

Ads to make direct purchase come to Facebook

This option will be enabled for a certain volume of users to make final tests, but they have not yet pronounced a date of birth. This new function comes at a very opportune moment because social networks have become a fundamental piece for business and at the same time e-commerce will have more popularity than they already have.

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