The new Facebook Live 360 streaming feature

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No doubt this year the live broadcasts of Facebook have marked a trend in the social network. This feature allowed us to have direct contact with our friends and followers, but Mark Zuckerberg has improved the service by implementing the option of making live transmissions in 360 degrees.

Facebook Live 360 ​​is the name called for this project that opens the doors to the technological development and virtual reality that appear to the social network. The new Facebook Live 360 ​​streaming feature was released from the official National Geographic page last Tuesday from the Utah desert.

It is worth mentioning that the Facebook Live 360 ​​feature for the moment will be available for some pages, with the passage of days will be expanded for other users. Something similar happened with live broadcasts on verified Facebook pages, now any user can make live broadcasts wherever they are.

Does Facebook Live 360 ​​the only function to make transmissions in 360 degrees?

The new Facebook Live 360 ​​streaming feature, it seems that it is not something new because this feature already implemented Youtube in the month of April. It seems that Facebook took a long time to launch this feature but likewise this favors Facebook much, because it allows its users to do new things.

Facebook Live 360 ​​can take full advantage of the complementary use of the Oculus Rift or Samsung Gear VR lenses, this will certainly enhance the experience of making 360 degree transmissions. Facebook and Oculus Rift brings us to the future.