The best tips to enjoy Facebook Messenger

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The social network Facebook has gained much popularity in the network, that is why the Facebook company seeks to integrate the world of mobile applications. Facebook Messenger is the messaging service that is currently available and is very close to reaching the giant of Whatsapp messaging. Very few people do not know the service completely and do not know their potential, here we will give you The best tips to enjoy Facebook Messenger.


Important Tips for Facebook Messenger

In order to use the Facebook Messenger service it is basic that you have a Facebook account and have the application installed on your mobile phone. If you do not already have it installed you must install it from the Play Store. Within Facebook Messenger we have access to all its functions and benefits.

  • The possibility of creating groups in Facebook personalized with own titles, this method also has Whatsapp but in Facebook Messenger is complemented by communication using floating bubbles.
  • Do you have difficulty calling your family or friends? By Facebook Messenger you no longer need to worry that now you can make free calls or video calls from your mobile, you just need to have internet.
  • It is very tedious to be constantly writing in the chat, because now you can send small voice messages and avoid all this.
  • The important thing of this application is that it allows optimizing and adjusting to the interest of the users. You have the possibility to complement this Facebook Messenger service with others that are to your liking.