Mark Zuckerberg and his initiative to combat diseases in the world

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Mark Zuckerberg spoke today with his wife Priscilla Chan the “next big focus” project Chan Zuckerbeg Initiative. This whole event was broadcast live on Facebook Live, and various topics touched disease prevention in children. As already known since the daughter of Mark Zuckerberg, this donate 99% of the shares of Facebook for altruistic works. Mark Zuckerberg and his initiative to combat diseases in the world.


Priscilla Chan gave a message and expressed optimism that this project will seek to manage diseases suffered by children in the future. The drug being developed has been a century modern science also that for attaining this goal sought by all means to achieve adequate technology and the invention of new tools and technologies.

Dr. Cori Bargmann expert in neuroscience and genetics globally joins the project Chan Zuckerbeg Initiative to lead and carry out this project. Facebook is relying on him, investing $ 3 billion over the next decade to combat diseases more scientists willing to help. Also a first BioHub project investing about $ 600 million for the creation of a research center to bring together scientists and physicians.

In this way all from Stanford, UCSF, Berkeley, and a team of trained engineers we work with much effort Chan Zuckerbeg Initiative, in order to create tools for the benefit of society mentioned above. Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan do all that for the sake of her daughter and all children of the world, all this depends on the efforts of all and union.