How do you see the Facebook posts in chronological order?

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Now through an extension of Google Chrome “Facebook Reciente” you can view neatly publications that appear on your Facebook wall. As we know the social network Facebook shows the publications according to their algorithm and not necessarily the time it was published.

When you sign into Facebook you do not always find with posts from your friends and Facebook page that follow chronologically, for the reasons mentioned earlier. How do you see the Facebook posts in chronological order? Now we can ignore this Facebook algorithm as follows.

So you can see the highlights in chronological order you must add a new extension to Google Chrome which is available for free in the store’s website publications. You just have to look for “Facebook Reciente” Chrome Web Store and click and “Add to Chrome” and wait to load and go.


Well now when joining the “News feed” of the social network of all they displayed chronologically. This extension does not need to be activated but if you do not need and only need to uninstall the extension of “Facebook Reciente” where other extensions added to your Google Chrome find.