How to spy on your friends on Facebook


Share this content:Facebook is a world filled with many contacts with abundant cyber love, so strong tension is generated for wanting to know who is doing the other person in the social network. The company has taken very seriously have a relationship on Facebook and get to the point of exchanging passwords or spy on each … [Read more]

How to save battery on Facebook

Durable battery in facebook

Share this content:Facebook is the social network that we use frequently, but without us is consuming much of our battery in our mobile device. This you can check the statistics entering the battery that is in your mobile device in the option “Settings”. The Facebook app is one of the services that most people use but also … [Read more]

How not leave seen on Facebook

Create new account Facebook community to talk and be happy

Share this content:Facebook is a medium where they interact with many people at once, but sometimes you do not feel like talking to anyone, but afraid to leave them “seen”. Currently the rate of people who are angry for having left “seen” on Facebook is high especially in women. How not leave seen on Facebook is the … [Read more]

How to change the font of Facebook


Share this content:It is common that people update their Facebook status, millions of people are constantly updated to publish some text. You want to stand out from the others as good this time we show you how to change the font of Facebook. Here I recommend two pages that will be of great help page 1 and page 2. … [Read more]

Great texts on Facebook

Facebook tricks in text

Share this content:Facebook is the social network that has millions of registered users worldwide. Currently Facebook is a space where you can do what you wanted, but you can also make interesting tricks and amaze your friends. The trick today is to create great texts on Facebook. Create large text for your status Facebook To begin … [Read more]

Who visit me on Facebook


Share this content:Want to know who visits your Facebook account? For now there are many methods but this time we show you the safest way to do this without having to install software on your computer. While it is true this is not an official procedure of Facebook, but it has the safest comparison others who only … [Read more]

Reverse text in Facebook


Share this content:Is it possible to reverse text on Facebook? This time show you how to use a trick Facebook that is very curious. Nobody could imagine that this trick may be real, but you will be surprised how easy it is to do this trick Facebook. This trick can only be done in English. The first … [Read more]

As comment in white on Facebook


Share this content:If you like annoy your friends in the social network, this time I bring a trick Facebook to let your friends surprised. As comment in white on Facebook, is the trick then you teach. The first thing you have to do is log on to Facebook, then you place yourself on the Facebook wall. In the … [Read more]

Turn Facebook chat off in a moment

turn facebook chat

Share this content:Social networks today are getting a lot of acceptance from young people as they can now communicate more easily. Formerly to transmit a message needed help from a postman but now is no longer necessary with the advent of Facebook and the internet. But what happens you feel that Facebook takes away a … [Read more]