Facebook emoticon “Love” replaces “Like”

Facebook emoticon Love

Share this content:Since the arrival of the New Facebook emoticons in this 2016 it has lowered the intensity of the users to use the “Like” option. As we know the implementation of the new emoticons for Facebook allows users to express themselves more accurately on a particular subject. The emote “Love” has become very popular … [Read more]

International Women’s Day on Facebook

International Women's Day on Facebook

Share this content:Facebook has millions of registered in the world why I do not let overlook this very special day for all women (8 March 2016) users. Facebook very well to his style I dedicate this phrase with all its users “is the International Women’s Day! Here is the equality of women worldwide. “Accompanied by … [Read more]

New Facebook emoticons in this 2016

New Facebook emoticons

Share this content:Now available for all mobile devices and computers the New Facebook emoticons in this 2016. To the astonishment of users Facebook has implemented new smileys where you can express yourself better. The new emoticons Facebook are “love” (heart symbol), “amuses me” (funny face), “Astonish Me” (face of astonishment), “I’m sad” (sad face) and … [Read more]

Facebook create video the Friends Day

Facebook create video the Friends Day

Share this content:People Facebook is celebrating because it meets 12 years of existence this February, this network with the passage of time has passed for 4 transformations regarding its design. Mark Zuckerberg commemorated this special day you want to share something special with users for the month of friendship. All registered Facebook users worldwide are … [Read more]