Avoid fake news on Facebook with the extension B.S. Detector


Share this content:Have not you encountered unusual news at times? Facebook has plenty of information material but watch out for false news. Many people use this method to generate controversy and in this way be more popular on Facebook. B.S. Detector is the extension for Facebook that will keep us away from false news. The … [Read more]

Games available for Facebook Messenger


Share this content:Now you can make more fun the way you communicate with others, because Facebook Messenger already enabled the option to play with our friends online. Currently these are the games that would be available: PACMAN, SPACE INVADERS, TRACK & FIELD, Galaga, EverWing and more. You must be well aware of the next update … [Read more]

Facebook reveals your mental health


Share this content:Facebook like other social networks are a medium where we can freely express ourselves, but what happens when we say more of the account? As it is proven that many of Facebook users share many emotions by updating their status or uploading a photo. Facebook reveals your mental health, here we will expand … [Read more]

Help and donation live on Facebook

Facebook heart

Share this content:Now on Facebook it is possible to make donations live for a good social But how will this donation be executed? Facebook social forum will allow you to provide help to communities in need. Donations will be made from a live broadcast by Facebook in order to keep safe advertising, these points will … [Read more]

Facebook surprises its users Halloween


Share this content:A few days after Halloween, the social network Facebook will be updated and allow you to share with your friends unique moments that will wake the spirit of Halloween. Many of your friends on Facebook share pictures wearing their costumes, but thinking of all make Facebook a more fun Halloween. The new Facebook … [Read more]

Facebook new update for business

facebook phone

Share this content:Many people use the social network Facebook to share moments and experiences of their lives. You can stay in touch with friends and family for any recommendations or advice for any action. Facebook new update for business this will allow us to do many things from the social network either from your computer … [Read more]

Facebook Live, scheduled for transmissions pages verified


Share this content:Since the launch of Facebook Live many people have started using this new format, to show your Facebook friends a piece of your everyday life and have direct contact with people. Facebook Live has been successful but this one can be improved more. Currently many users have asked the company Facebook they can … [Read more]

Facebook videos on your TV


Share this content:Now you can display on your TV videos to appear on Facebook, you can enjoy all content either a recipe, funny videos or important family events passes. Facebook company is taking seriously the way to broadcast the videos that you find in the social network. Facebook Videos on your TV, for this to … [Read more]

Facebook the social network of the future with Oculus Rift


Share this content:Can you imagine what will be the social network Facebook in the future? Because the first technological advances from Oculus Rift, Facebook does not intend to stay behind and looking at a future where people can communicate with each other but with versions of virtual reality of your friends. This is probably the … [Read more]