Mark Zuckerberg aims to improve Facebook in 2018

Mark Zuckerberg Facebook in 2018

Share this content:Facebook is a social network with the passage of time has undergone many changes, some were favorable but there were some that were not liked by its users. If we refer to Facebook as an application, it has been the most affected since it currently requires many resources from your phone, which is … [Read more]

Facebook launches Messenger Kids for children

facebook kids

Share this content:Facebook is the medium where many people chat much of their time during their day, however, there are still people who seek to harm others by creating false accounts. Facebook looking for many alternatives to control this type of malicious actions, a product of that Facebook launches Messenger Kids for children with taking … [Read more]

Consequences of making my relationship public on Facebook

Consequences of making my relationship public on Facebook

Share this content:It is to suppose that after so much time in solitude, finally you know somebody and you want to shout it to the four winds. Facebook is a network, which lends itself a lot to express the feelings and emotions that welcome us, nevertheless one must be careful. Before announcing your relationship on … [Read more]

Safety measures for children on Facebook

Safety for children on Facebook

Share this content:It is important to keep in mind, that social networks in particular Facebook, is spreading without limits; For this reason parents should be aware of the education of children on the good use of the internet. Attention to minors should be greater because their curiosity is much broader. Safety measures for children on … [Read more]

Facebook Bank can already operate in Spain.

Facebook Bank

Share this content:The most recognized service of Mark Zuckerberg may already be in operation with this name Facebook Payments International Limited because on 30 December this was assigned by the Official Register of entities of the Bank of Spain. Facebook is in search of new venues and licenses of operations of the other countries. At … [Read more]

The new Facebook Live 360 streaming feature

facebook live 360

Share this content:No doubt this year the live broadcasts of Facebook have marked a trend in the social network. This feature allowed us to have direct contact with our friends and followers, but Mark Zuckerberg has improved the service by implementing the option of making live transmissions in 360 degrees. Facebook Live 360 ​​is the … [Read more]

Year in Revision Facebook 2016 AVAILABLE NOW?

Year in Revision Facebook 2016

Share this content:One more year we are out of our hands, because undoubtedly this month of December fills us with much nostalgia for everything lived during 2016. The years pass very quickly many people say, but Facebook always surprises us with new innovations. It gives us the chance to immortalize our best moments of the … [Read more]