Facebook live for verified profiles

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Facebook always want to be updated with new internet trends, this time as Facebook allow its verified users (celebrities, journalists, singers, writers, etc.) make live broadcasts. This application is called Facebook Mentions and is available in Google Play and App Store.

Facebook Mentions

Facebook live for verified profiles with Facebook Mentions, this allows famous people who have several followers in Facebook may have more direct contact with people. Facebook Mentions can be used to hold a question and answer session with other users as well as to make important announcements.

Facebook took the lead in exposing Facebook Mentions overshadowing certain way Periscope serving shortly after its transmission was to open horizontally. SEO Facebook has been very clever in taking decisions anticipating them to others. Facebook Mentions moment is available for verified users can only hope if this application will be open for everyone.

Facebook live for verified profiles

Facebook live for verified profiles with Facebook Mentions, celebrities may have more direct contact with his followers.