Facebook is interested in the progress of Africa

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Mark Zuckerberg thinks big and help the African country so they can improve their technological development and entrepreneurship. On Tuesday SEO Facebook landed in Nigeria to meet with local businesses and developers to perform this good deed. Thus Facebook seeks the welfare of all and especially the most needy, Facebook is interested in the progress of Africa.

Part of the visit also included a trip to Yaba, where he could have contact with children learning to program software. In addition to having a meeting with 50 founders of start-ups and experienced developers in CcHub. His impression was favorable as it could notice that there is much energy and potential in this country.

Facebook is interested in the progress of Africa

Mark Zuckerberg is committed to Africa since its founding in June Chan Mark Zuckerberg, he decided to make a multimillion dollar donation Aldena for a company dedicated to the development of African software thus putting them in jobs internationally. In addition the company has two years old looking for African entrepreneurship.

As you know Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan pediatrician, they have helped many people doing charity. They also pledged to donate billions of Facebook shares, to improve the world and promote the potential of people around the world with Zuckerberg Chan project.