Avoid fake news on Facebook with the extension B.S. Detector

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Have not you encountered unusual news at times? Facebook has plenty of information material but watch out for false news. Many people use this method to generate controversy and in this way be more popular on Facebook. B.S. Detector is the extension for Facebook that will keep us away from false news.

The B.S. Detector

This extension was created by Daniel Sieradski which allows us to have quality information. This extension employs checks the origin of the news and categorizes them according to their truthfulness. Avoid fake news on Facebook with the extension B.S. Detector, for the creator was not easy this since Facebook blocked its extension temporarily by this confusion.


This extension is available for browsers like Google Chrome, Safari, Opera and Firefox according to the source of “Gizmodo”. Basically the work of B.S. Detector is to analyze the source of information, tags and categories of it.

Daniel Sieradski regret all this and said he did not break any Facebook rules. For only its extension stopped working a few hours but then it was put back into operation according to “TechCrunch”. Facebook simply agreed and admitted the work of this extension and did not give many explanations about it. Avoid fake news on Facebook with the extension B.S. Detector.