Mark Zuckerberg aims to improve Facebook in 2018

Mark Zuckerberg Facebook in 2018

Facebook is a social network with the passage of time has undergone many changes, some were favorable but there were some that were not liked by its users. If we refer to Facebook as an application, it has been the most affected since it currently requires many resources from your phone, which is why I … [Read more]

Facebook launches Messenger Kids for children

facebook kids

Facebook is the medium where many people chat much of their time during their day, however, there are still people who seek to harm others by creating false accounts. Facebook looking for many alternatives to control this type of malicious actions, a product of that Facebook launches Messenger Kids for children with taking care of … [Read more]

Tricks to grow your business on Facebook

To embark on facebook

The evolution of social networks has been incredible because it is now considered a power to promote our business, service or product. If your business is not performing as expected, do not worry maybe you need to update a little with these tricks very easy to apply. “Digital Marketing” allows us to have a good … [Read more]

How to find love on Facebook

Facebook is a platform where many people can interact with each other because you have the possibility to talk with people you have not seen for a long time. Maybe you can chat with that first love of children and have the possibility to have an appointment, this platform is very complete so we will … [Read more]